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BBcode quick reference

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This is a list of all currently supported bbcode tags. Feel free to post suggestions for new tags or other bbcode changes here.

[i]Italics[/i] - Italics
[b]Bold[/b] - Bold
[u]Underline[/u] - Underline
[s]Strikethrough[/s] - Strikethrough
[color=red]Set text color.[/color] - Set text color.
[size=20pt]Set text font size.[/size] - Set text font size.
[font=Impact]Set a specific font face.[/font] - Set a specific font face.
[url=]Make the elements inside hyperlinks.[/url] - Make the elements inside hyperlinks.
[iurl=#exampleanchor]Link to a page anchor (or hyperlink a page in the same window)[/iurl] - Link to a page anchor (or hyperlink a page in the same window)
[anchor=exampleanchor] - Create a page anchor at this point. Test it with the iurl link above.
[abbr=Make the elements inside have mouseover text]Make the elements inside have mouseover text[/abbr] - Make elements inside have title text.
[center]Center align[/center] -
Center align

[left]Left align[/left] -
Left align

[right]Right align[/right] -
Right align

[just]Justified text[/just] -

[tt]Monospace text[/tt] - Monospace text
[pre]Preformatted text ![/pre] -
Preformatted   text   !

[code]function hi() { print("hi"); } [/code] -
function hi() { print("hi"); }

[quote Name]Make a blockquote from Name[/quote] -
Quote from: Name
Make a blockquote from Name.

[img][/img] -
[audio][/audio] -
[video][/video] -
[youtube][/youtube] -
[vimeo][/vimeo] -
[hr] - Make a horizontal line. -

[table border][tr][td]Hello[/td][td]Goodbye[/td][/tr][tr][td]Cat[/td][td]Dog[/td][/tr][/table] - Create a table. -

[nobbc]Skip [b]bbcode[/b] parsing of [i]text[/i] within this tag.[/nobbc] - Skip [b]bbcode[/b] parsing of [i]text[/i] within this tag.
[noparse][/noparse] - Alias of nobbc.
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