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(Thread port POC) Blockland Glass 4.2

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Stable 4.2.3

Welcome to Glass.
Blockland Glass is a general-purpose enhancement

suite focused on extending the community.

Glass primarily features a mod management

system and a chat room and friends system.

Other features include a required client

system, backward compatible preferences,

favorite servers, server previews, and various

enhancements throughout Blockland.

Read on to find out more about Glass in general,

our team, and any future developments...

Mod Manager
The Mod Manager allows you to browse, search, and install add-ons without ever exiting Blockland. You’re able to access all add-ons upload directly to Glass, as well as search and download add-ons from the RTB 4 Archive. The Mod Manager also ensures that all of your add-ons are kept up to date, thanks to Support_Updater, and import your old RTB add-ons to be updated to the latest version.

Glass Live
Our social system, dubbed Glass Live, allows you to keep in touch with your friends, chat through public chatrooms or direct message, and join and invite your friends to servers.

We’ve implemented our own preferences system to make up for the loss of RTB preferences. All RTB preferences are automatically imported and available to control, along with some new preference types and optionsrticular.

Server Features
Glass enables you to preview servers before you join them, viewing the server’s preview image and player list. On top of that, we allow you to mark favorite servers, giving you notifications about the server’s status and allowing you to view and join it from the main menu. Glass also allows servers to have their own custom loading screen images, similar to how maps images worked before shadows and shaders.

The project is forever growing with new ideas and features being developed and tested all the time.
If you have a suggestion, we invite you to join in the conversation here on the forums!

Glass Live chat and friends list

Custom server preview and loading screen

Server preferences window

Mod manager displaying an add on page

We would also like to give notable mentions for their contributions to McTwist and Greek2Me.
Also, thanks to Mr.LoL for in-game photo assets.

As a team, moving forward we would like to be more open with development and discussion of Glass. We plan to do this by keeping you up to date on what's happening and posting on our website and thread as regularly as we can.
Your feedback is vital to helping improve the service as best we can!

4.2 Update released!
Posted 01/10/18

The Creators Update is a focus on adding new features for content creators to help manage and test their work using new bug reporting and crash detecting tools. Alongside this, there has been a big overhaul of Glass Live and the system's stability and reliability along with a handful of neat little tweaks and features added into the mix. See below for further details.

New Features List

- Added bug report system, available from the bug button on the top right of the overlay
- Added crash detection system
- Added new logging system
- Blockland console.logs are now backed up

- Improved Glass Live reliability
- Optimized Glass Live user list rendering, nearly 100x faster (less lag!)
- Added category headers to rooms
- Added chatroom persistence
- Added emoticon suggestion/prediction
- Revamped authentication system, improving reliability and stability
- Added DAA authentication for Glass Live, improving security (thanks, McTwist!)

- Added add-on groups
- Added RGB preference type
- Re-added RTB imports, again
- The Glass Manual is now pulled from the website so that it can be modified without an update

Stable 4.2.3

Two Years
Posted 08/21/17

Today is the two-year anniversary of the release of Blockland Glass. To say the least, we've come a very far way. The very first topic was posted two years and four months ago. Just a little trip down memory lane...

The Blockland Glass we have today isn't always what it's been. Over the past 5+ years, I have named a few different (but similar) projects by the same name. The name was originally derived from the core functionality of allowing servers to interact and control GUI elements while you play - a sort of "Glass" screen over your display. This is dated back before Google Glass, so the name was indeed original at the time...


Content coming soon...

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